GN-F02 Hot melt carton sealer

GN-F02 Hot melt carton sealer

GN-F02 Hot melt carton sealer

GN-F02 Two flaps hot melt carton sealer machine is a new type of environmentally packaging machine on the market.And the machine use wheel to drive the glue ,don't need hot melt system .So it can save the cost of the hot melt glue and have perfect effect

Product introduction

GN-F02 Automatic hot melt carton sealing machine


Technical parameters:


Model GN-F02
Output 57 boxes / min
Suitable carton size L100-320*W40-250*H25-100mm
Total Power 0.37kw+1.6kw
Power supply AC220V  50HZ
Net Weight 250kg
Eternal Dimension 2100*910*1300mm
Materials Hot melt grain


Product Features


1,An intelligent
Centralized control of the entire organization by the PLC ;
Touch screen display the working status, fault display , operating instructions , production statistics , simple and intuitive ;
Material into the box is not in place automatic shutdown ;
Quantity of material is not enough, automatically rejecting .
2, high
Packing speed, air bag case less than carton , reducing waste , improving the efficiency of production ;
3 , durable
Designed to facilitate the replacement machine parts , machine mechanism design durable ;
4 , safe
The main drive with overload protection device
Touch screen support language : A, Chinese B, English

Provide supporting devices :

1 , the date of the printer ;
2 , the device is automatically associated pillow packing machine line ;
3 , automatic box sealing hot melt glue machine .



    Applicable to all types of automatic cartoning goods , food and beverage , electronics , hardware accessories , toys and other similar materials packaged boxing pillow packaging packing machine with pillow -line use.

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