Hot melt carton sealing machine seek agents

Hot melt carton sealing machine seek agents

 Guangzhou Guonuo Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd  research and development three model hot melt carton sealing machine.

Model :GN-F01  GN-F01.jpg


Model:GN-F03GN-F03 .jpg


Development and Prospects: 

 Machinery industry of China's national economic development and construction to make a positive contribution to better play the role of the pillar industries. In 2009, machinery products on the market to further improve the self-sufficiency rate to 85% of national industrial output value, the output value of new products, profits and taxes increase the contribution rate is 31.86%, respectively, 67.58%, 57.91% and 24.01%, ranking the various industrial sectors the first place. Automatic box sealing machine which is the machinery industry indispensable part. Compared with the traditional sealed plastic glue it fast safe and convenient features sealed box will become the future trend. 



Widely used in: food, gifts, toys, hardware, electronics, cosmetic and other products. 


Join conditions: 

1, there is a legitimate business license and related documents; 

2, there is some experience in packaging machinery sales and service systems.



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